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Because we Needed Another Really Stupid Sonic Comic


How to Read:

Name: Full name.

Age: Age.

Gender: What gender they are.

Special Stupid Trait: The trait they have that the others don't.

Name: Fuzzy Ray Ramiro (Portrayed as author)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Special Stupid Trait: Speaks in all caps

Bio: Fuzzy is the (portrayed) author of the comic, and he's a total idiot. Often getting more people into trouble than helping them, he's not the best person to be around. He knows alot of other recolors and loves to make strange pairings, unsurprisingly. He's one of those horrid authors who doesn't TROLOLOLOLOLOL everyone. Which is good. Very good. GOT DAT

Name: Knuckles the Echidna

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Special Stupid Trait: Always says F*** YOU, I'M AN ECHIDNA

Bio: Knuckles is the failed guardian of the Master Emerald, often letting it get taken away, even letting himself get taken away. He's in a love-hate relatsionship with Rouge, currently. He secretly likes her, but is too stubborn to admit it. Despite being gullible and all, he gives alot of good ideas out, unlike Tails, who's just Captain Obvious.

Name: Amy Rose

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Special Stupid Trait: Swears in every sentence

Bio: Amy has been in love with Sonic ever since he saved her. She always swears, because... well... no one knows what she thinks. She often challenges people nd always has her PIKO PIKO HAMMER YA'LL with her. Amy has alot of emotional challenges and probelms, but she'd rather hit you in the face than talk about them.

Name: Sonic the Hedgehog

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Special Stupid Trait: Talks with no spaces in between.

Bio: Sonic is well known. Very. He's frequently chased by girls and boys, and rarely has a break from them. He talks with no spaces in between, so you can only imagine how he sounds when he talks. Sonic secretly likes Amy, Fiona, Sally and Shadow, so he's kinda in a love hexagon. Luckly, he can win any of them, except the only one he wouldn't admit to...

Name: Miles "Tails" Prower

Age: 8 (Don't listen to the archie comics. Not kidding.)

Gender: Male?

Special Stupid Trait: Only uses abbrivations like WAY. (Who are you)

Bio: Tails, as he's called by everyone, has two tails. He's not LIKE Captain Obvious, he IS Captain Obvious. He gets captured on a daily basis, but still manages to live his life. Sorta. He lives in the shadow of his idol, Sonic and Captain Obvious, but that doesn't get in his way. He's actually more intellegent than he seems, he just doesn't really show it. REALLY.

Name: Shadow the Hedgehog

Age: Ageless


Special Stupid Trait: Speaks in all lowercase.



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